Zhukovsky International airport open doors

Zhukovsky International airport

Near Moscow was opened Zhukovsky International airport, which will be operated by Ramport Aero JSC to serve the low-budget passenger, cargo and charter airlines. The airport is new and opened on May 30 due to increased demand for air transport and overbooking of the large Moscow airports. Zhukovsky International airport has an area of 17,600 sq m and capacity for 2 million passengers per year. The airport has the Europe’s longest runway of 5.5 km, operating as single experimental center for state and civil aviation, using the most modern technologies and safety procedures for operations.

Zhukovsky International airportThe terminal’s ground floor has offices of airlines, technical institutions, restaurants, police station, a room baggage tracing. The second floor is the zone for international and regional flights, inspection area, as well as restaurants and duty free shops. The updated airport complex will service, repair and provision of locations for aircraft. In addition, customers will be provided with a full range of customs and warehousing services in the modern warehouse complex class A, including the use of electronic declaration and information technologies.

“This event is important for Moscow and for our country. The improvement of air services offered to our citizens and guests an affordable prices, using a variety of tariffs. It is always a matter of economic choice. The fact that such an undertaking appears and begins operation, creates an additional set of features”, said the Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev. “From all of you depends on what benefits and prices you offer to our passengers”, said he to the airport management.

The new airport is in process of development, as well. Later this year will start construction of new cargo terminal. The second stage of development of the airport should be completed before the end of 2017. Its implementation will require an investment of 7.6 billion rubles, increasing the capacity of the airport to 6 million passengers per year. The third phase should be completed by the end of 2020 and includes the construction of a third terminal, after which the total area of ​​the airport terminals will be 60,000 square meters, while capacity will reach 12 million passengers per year. According to preliminary estimates, total revenue from the sale of aviation and non-aviation services at Zhukovsky International airport by 2022 will be about 9 billion rubles.

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