Y-20 officially entered service in China’s Air Force

The Air Force of People’s Liberation Army of China officially adopted in service the heavy military transport aircraft Xian Y-20, the first two machines were handed over to the military.

“The Y-20 entering service marks a crucial step for the air force in improving its strategic power projection capability,” said a┬árepresentative of the Chinese Air Force and added that “the air force needs more and better transport aircraft to help fulfil its military responsibilities, including safeguarding national security as well as rescue and relief work.”

The aircraft Y-20 is created in 2006, with first flight in 2013. The project is based, according to some experts, on unrealized achievements of the Ukrainian company “Antonov” which, among other things, has conducted on the instructions of the Chinese side , a number of theoretical studies (particularly for its tail, cargo ramp and wings).

The machine has a maximum takeoff weight of 220 tonnes and is equipped with four Russian-made D-30KP-2 engines(similar to those mounted on IL-76). In the future, China plans to replace them with Chinese engines WS-20. The payload of the plane is up to 66 tons.

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