Is Wow Air Wowing Travelers With $69.99 Flights To Europe?

Traveling by air can be a traumatic and costly experience. Sure. Air travel is a pretty safe means of transportation, but all the delays, schedule changes, additional charges, and those tiny seats can make any trip traumatic. The airlines have one mission in mind, and that is to move people from one point to another. But they also have another mission. They have to make money, and making money in the airline business can be an “on again, off again” situation. That’s why passengers were shaking their heads with joy, when Iceland’s low-cost airline, Wow Air, put a $69.99 one-way ticket to Iceland from the United States on their website. Wow Air wanted to sell 1,800 tickets, and they got what they wanted.

Wow Air didn’t pull a bait and switch tactic with the incredibly low fare. The airline wants to attract more U.S. customers, so the CEO of the airline was up-front when he let everyone know you have to bring your own water, and a movie on your iPad. The $69.99 ticket is the ultimate no-frills adventure. And even though some people could only purchase a $99 ticket, the consensus was Wow Air is wow worthy. Passengers could still purchase additional services on the Wow Air website, and those services include seat selection and check bag payments. The website also offers tours of Iceland and airport transfer choices.

But there are some groans when it comes to Wow Air’s computer system. In the words of one passenger, the computer system is “notoriously horrible.” Some passengers got seat numbers before they got to the airport, but when they went to confirm those seats at the airport, the seats were given to other passengers. The seat mess-up is not a common occurrence, according to Wow Air. And the airline did everything it could to keep those people happy. The Wow Air planes are new and almost comfortable. Almost comfortable means “airline comfortable” which in no way resembles, or feels like, “home sweet home comfortable.” Passengers can bring a small bag and a purse on board without an extra charge, and the airline’s boarding process is a relatively good one. Plus, flight attendants walk through the cabin offering duty-free items as well as meals and drinks.

Wow Air has iPads for rent on the flight, but some passengers don’t like the movie selection or the fact there are no available pillows or blankets. So is Wow Air wowing travelers with cheap flights to Europe? The answer is yes and no. It all depends on how much a cheap flight really costs, and how much peace of mind passengers have to sacrifice to be no-frill worthy.

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