World Traveler and Global Businessman Glen Wakeman

The Traveling Businessman Glen Wakeman

In 2015, Glen Wakeman co-founded LaunchPad Holdings, a company that exists to help entrepreneurs who are just starting out on the path to making their dreams a reality. Specifically, LaunchPad designs software that can help a businessperson create a realistic plan and then follow through on it.


Glen, who currently lives in Miami, is an ideal person to show other businesspeople how to achieve their goals. He spent 21 years at General Electric, a corporation that demands greatness from its executives. And, in addition to establishing and managing his own thriving small businesses, he has a sterling track record as an investor.


Finding His Way

When Glen Wakeman was a college undergraduate, he scrubbed the bathrooms at a factory that produced automotive parts. His work environment was hot and unsanitary, and he now says that this job was the most unpleasant one he ever had. At the same time, he learned lessons from it. For example, from then on, he took the time to appreciate every professional position he attained. Plus, he realized in a vivid way that every employee is important and worthy of respect. This experience set a pattern for Glen. Every job would help him to grow.


Glen studied economics and finance at the University of Scranton, and he graduated from that college in 1981. Then, when he was working at General Electric, he decided to go back to school. In 1993, he earned a master’s degree in business administration (MBA) from the University of Chicago.


Glen was able to really hone his skills at GE. In his two decades at the company, his positions involved managing large divisions and devising strategies for sustainable growth. Not to mention, he lived in Europe, Asia, and South America for much of this time. Therefore, he learned all about international trade and emerging markets.


His final achievement at GE was his most expansive and impressive. Glen created from scratch a division of the company called GE Money Latin America. When he finally left the conglomerate to pursue other opportunities, GE Money Latin America was booming, perhaps beyond anyone’s initial expectations. At that time, it had 17,000 employees, and it spanned nine nations. What’s more, it was valued at $12 billion, taking in $100 million in revenue each year.


The Lessons of LaunchPad

Glen Wakeman came up with the idea for LaunchPad Holdings when he was reflecting upon the small business environment. For a long time, he couldn’t figure out why so many startups led by brilliant and passionate people failed. At last, he concluded that many entrepreneurs don’t realize that they need precise plans, budgets, and timetables before they launch their enterprises.


Indeed, people often have killer ideas for businesses. However, without the structure of an expert business plan, it’s hard to impress investors and connect with consumers.


Thus, as Glen Wakeman sees it, entrepreneurs should focus on five specific areas as they establish and build their brands (Facebook).


First of all, there’s no substitute for outstanding leadership. The leader of a business must be able to communicate goals, motivate employees, and ready the entire team whenever the company is expanding, shifting direction, or changing in some other way.


Next, human capital is vital. Employees should share the CEO’s mission and sense of purpose, and they should have the skills needed to grow the company.


With leaders and employees in place, the team must develop efficient step-by-step procedures. Those methods should harmoniously blend human talent and advanced technologies.


There must also be a healthy system of governance in place, one in which consumer criticisms can be heard, and all necessary improvements and adjustments can be made. Indeed, Glen Wakeman has made responsiveness to customer input one of the hallmarks of his personal brand. He’s always listening to suggestions from his clients to make his software programs and other offerings more valuable and user-friendly.


Finally, a program of risk management should be instituted. That is, a company ought to have a series of contingency plans for all kinds of disruptions and disasters, from power failures to major fires. Catastrophe can strike at any time, and only prepared and flexible organizations can survive.


Teachable Moments

LaunchPad Holdings helps entrepreneurs develop plans pertaining to all of the areas described above. Plus, its software contains a vast and searchable archive of advice from business authorities all over the globe.


Teaching and mentoring have long been a part of Glen’s life, and they’ve taken different forms. For example, in 2015, he founded Nova Four, a firm that offers counseling to companies that are in the early stages of development. Further, it connects small business owners and potential investors.


In addition, in his spare time, Glen Wakeman coaches business executives. And, through his personal blog, he’s able to help businesspeople he’s never even met. His posts are engaging and accessible, and they discuss the fine points of international business, the art of finding financing, and other essential corporate topics.


What Does Glen Wakeman’s Future Hold?

As you’ve probably gathered by now, Glen Wakeman has never been a person to rest on his business laurels. He’s still looking for new challenges and new corporate mountains to conquer ( Lately, he’s been studying machine learning and artificial intelligence in depth, and he’s been imagining ways in which these technologies could aid businesses. For instance, someday soon, machine learning programs might help companies make data-driven decisions with greater speed and accuracy than was ever possible before.


It makes sense that Glen Wakeman is delving into the practical, political, and moral aspects of artificial intelligence as they relate to the business world. After all, he’s always been extremely curious.


In fact, he believes that his curiosity, more than any other characteristic, has fueled his output over the years. He also feels that curiosity generally leads to creativity and excellence. And, when considering all of the high-tech possibilities that lie ahead for Glen and his companies, it’s hard not to be curious about where he may be headed next.

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