Women in India Receive backing Form Lockheed Martin in Aerospace Initiative

There has been growing concerns that the consistent growth that has been experienced by the Indian aviation industry may shrink as a result of severe shortages in skills that run the industry. These fears come at a time when the aviation industry in India is growing at a breakneck pace with 28% growth median growth recorded for the past decade. The Lockheed Martin Corporation launched its operations in the Indian subcontinent a decade ago in the year 2007. The multinational corporation is playing a significant role in encouraging Indian women and girls between the ages of 15 and 18 years to consider taking up careers in the aviation industry when they make choices of what they want to do in life.

The Lockheed Martin Corporation India recently held an event to encourage girls to contribute their skills and expertise in the aviation sector in conjunction with Women in Aviation International (WAI) India. The Airports Authority of India also sponsored the function. The function was held in Visakhapatnam’ s Indian Navy airport in the southern part of the Indian subcontinent. The state government also gave the function a major boost by encouraging aviation corporations to set up aerospace parks and boot camps for training and manufacturing.

The event was graced by over 50 girls from different schools throughout the country who were invited to have a tour at the airport, learn about the functioning and design of the air traffic control tower and learn about the general aircraft parts maintenance as part of an initiative known as the Girls in Aviation.
Lockheed Martin has a woman at its top leadership position. Marillyn Hewson is the company’s president and Chief Executive Officer and has worked diligently to ensure that the company has a diversified workforce. The CEO said that it was one of the corporation’s long-term objectives to increase the number of women who worked in India.

Moreover the Chief executive of Lockheed Martin India, Phil Shaw said that the corporation was proud and looking forward to having a collaboration with entities that possessed the same mindset and convergence of interests in the training and development of the scientists, aviators, technologists, and engineers of the next generation. Mr. Shaw added that that was the only way through which the full national potential can be unlocked underpinning the Skills India initiative by the government of India. The president of WAI, Radha Bhatia also said that they aimed to empower Indian women with the relevant skills to be able to take up aviation as a career option that is sustainable long-term.

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