Woman dragged off Southwest Airlines flight

According to NBC News, a woman was removed from a Southwest Airlines flight after informing the flight crew about her pet allergy.

A video taken by a fellow passenger shows the woman being pulled down the aisle of the plane by Transportation Authority officers.

There were two dogs on the plane –a pet and a service animal. According to Southwest, the passenger who was removed from the flight needed a special medical certificate. Since she did not have the certificate, she had to be removed from the flight.

The airline issued a statement that read, in part, “Our policy states that a customer (without a medical certificate) may be denied boarding if they report a life-threatening allergic reaction and cannot travel safely with an animal on board.”

Bill Dumas, the man who made the video, said the woman first asked that the animals be removed. When the flight crew said that would not be possible, the woman asked for a specific type of injection. The flight crew told her they could not administer the injection unless she had a certificate.

According to Dumas, one of the pilots offered to allow the woman to deplane so she could receive the injection, but she declined the offer.

In the videos, law enforcement officers are seen tugging at the woman to get her out of her seat. They are also seen escorting her down the aisle as she asks to be allowed to stay on the plane. At one point, she tells the officers they have ripped her pants. The officers tell her to fix her clothes and then to deplane.

The woman is seen hesitating. At that point, one of the LEOs is seen wrapping his arms around her and dragging her down the aisle.

The woman is heard shouting, “Don’t touch me, I’m walking!”

The LEO is heard responding, “Then walk!”

She responds, “I can’t walk. He’s got my leg.”

Some of the other passengers in the video gently encouraged the woman to walk and cooperate. Others were less patient, and are heard telling the woman to get off the plane and file a complaint later.

Passenger Julia Rockett said the flight attendants asked people not to record the incident, but their request was ignored.

The woman was arrested and charged, but later released on her own recognizance. The flight was delayed for 45 minutes.

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