The White House released a guidance on the use of drones in fighting terrorism

The White House published the drafted back in 2013 playbook for the use of drones to strike at terrorists outside the United States and in areas of active hostilities.

This was done on the occasion of the concerns expressed by human rights organizations. For that informed the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), publishing on its site an electronic version of the document, parts of which are crossed out in black.

The text of the redacted, 18-page Presidential Policy Guidance (PPG) says that all direct actions to be carried out on legal grounds and to purposes permitted by law, even if current regulations allow to destroy one or another object, the decision should be taken as a result of decisions of the ministries. The compilers of the management stressed that the arrest of terrorists is more preferred measure than their physical liquidation.

According to the document, the liquidation must be done in order to prevent terrorist acts against US citizens only if the arrest of a particular person is impossible and there are no other viable alternatives that would allow to neutralize the threat.

In a statement, the organization said that the management was to be presented to the public three years ago, but nevertheless, now participants in the debate on the legality and appropriateness of counter-terrorism policy of the authorities will get more information.


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