Wearing A Pair Of Ugg Boots In Qantas Airport Lounges May Be A Bad Idea

Ugg boots are probably the hottest boots in the shoe industry for a couple of reasons. They are comfortable, warm, and very Australian. You might even say they have a certain ugly Koala bear feel to them even though most Ugg wearers have no idea what that means. The fur lining, wide round toe, and EVA outsole, as well as the soft sheepskin leather uppers, give the boots an undeniable fashion flair that women around the world can’t resist. Ugg boots represent good fashion sense, and a touch of Aussie inventiveness. Women love them. Fashion conscious men have at least one pair, and celebrities have a pair in every color.

But according to Human League singer, Joanne Catherall, she wasn’t allowed in the Qantas frequent-flyer lounge because she was wearing a pair of Ugg boots. The English rock star was on tour with her band when the incident occurred. Joanne was flying out of Melbourne’s airport, and she had time to burn so she did what she and the band always do when they need to chill and get away from the airport crowds. But according to Qantas, her boots did not conform to the Qantas dress code. Never mind the fact that Ugg boots are probably the best selling women’s winter boots of all time, and they have been on women’s feet for more than 25 years. In fact, surfers were wearing the predecessors of the current Ugg boot styles in the 1960s and 1970s. But Qantas considers the boots sleepwear, and sleepwear is “no bueno” in Qantas lounges.

Catherall did what any frustrated airline customer would do. She tweeted about the incident, but Qantas stood their ground. Sleepwear is not acceptable in all Qantas business lounges and clubs in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Canberra, and Adelaide. For some reason, Qantas didn’t get the memo that states Ugg boots are not for sleeping. They are the boots that gave Australia credibility in the women’s shoe and boot market. But according to a Qantas representative, Qantas customers want travelers to conform to dress code, according to the airline, and that’s what the club representatives in Melbourne did.

Qantas also sent Joanne a tweet that said the airline upholds their dress code, and all guests must follow it. Catherall didn’t respond to the Qantas tweet. She has better things to do than fight Qantas over her personal fashion choices.

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