Ways of Getting Rid of Airport Theft for Good

Luggage theft has been rampant in airports, particularly as the travelling summer season is ongoing. Terrorist threats including Osama Bin Laden have enhanced Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to deploy significant resources to the local police to help in protecting travelers in airports all over the United States and globally. Even though most of screening is conducted before passengers and their luggages board the plane, few scrutinies are undertaken on the arrivals side. Most passengers are exhausted at this section and tend to wait for their baggage impatiently. Theft is prone at the arrivals side because many airports including Las Vegas and LAX have a wide open to a walk-in platform from the streets.

Airport theft has been a big problem, for instance, in 2012; a claim made by DAILY MAIL cited that NY’s JFK airport had filed over 200 thefts daily from the checked luggage. Additionally, the report mentioned that the airport employees were responsible for the theft. American Airlines reported that there was a compensation fee for lost, delayed, or delayed luggage. International passengers were given 1,131 SDR or Special Drawing Rights while domestic passengers received compensation fee of $3,500.

Collecting baggage can pose a problem for passengers, especially when they are made to fill out a passenger questionnaire including baggage claim checks and airline ticket receipts. Besides deploying TSA to help to protect passengers’ luggage, airlines are encouraged to “seal off” baggage claim sections to non-ticketed passengers.

How to Protect your Luggage

Passengers should adapt to carry-on luggage to save time and checked-luggage fee. In American airlines, the first bag costs $25 while the second bag is $35. Passengers should not carry valuable items such as sentimental or economic items in their suitcase if their luggage is checked. Additionally, they should carry jewelry or money in their purse or pocket and be watchful when it passes through the metal detector.

Passengers should learn to carry fewer valuable items including laptops, jewelry, or phones. This helps to avoid leaving them at the TSA checkpoint when they are rushing to catch a flight. Moreover, the TSA does not often guarantee an immediate return of the items. Passengers should make their luggage appear distinctive to avoid attracting thieves’ attention. Therefore, luggage should have unique features such as a colorful cloth to allow the passenger to easily spot his/her baggage.

Passengers should report to the airlines if they can not find their baggage before exiting the luggage area. Similarly, they can also file a TSA claim report or a police report when the baggage reappears but missing some valuable item. Passengers are encouraged to take pictures indicating the items in their suitcase to act as a backup in case of theft and reappearance of the luggage.

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