Voters in Kansas City Vote For a Stronger City and Better Airport

Voters from Kansas City made a historic and decisive step on Tuesday November 7, 2017 after approving plans to construct a new terminal in an overwhelmingly manner. The new terminal is expected to be built at the Kansas City International Airport. The vote for a new terminal recorded a landslide victory.


Kansas City’s voters were congratulated for their decisive vote and opting to reject the last minute misleading information and instead focused on the bigger picture. KCI is old and has become unsuitable for the modern 21st century. These two main facts necessitated its replacement. This historic decision would not have been made without the input of City Council members, Mayor Sly James, interest groups as well as campaign and airport staff. All these persons worked tirelessly to gather support for the building of a new terminal.

Joe Reardon, the head of Greater Kansas City’s Chamber of Commerce, fully deserves another special cap. He managed to talk to over 100 civic groups on the importance of having a new airport. The vote was a huge victory to progress and it was just the first step towards it. The new terminal requires a lot of work to be done before travelers can enjoy the safety and convenience that the project aims to provide.

Memorandum of Understanding

Kansas City has to bring an end to the negotiations it is currently holding with Edgemoor Infrastructure, which is the preferred builder and designer of the project on a number of issues. It is expected that the MOU will be signed soon unlike earlier anticipated that it would have already been concluded. This will lead to the signing of the project contract, which is expected to specify the workforce goals, costs, timetables and the financing of the project. The approval by the voters has given the city a bargaining chip in its negotiations with Edgemoor, who will be looking at finalizing the $1 billion deal soon.


Edgemoor promises an extensive community outreach as it lays bare the terminal’s design offer to the voters. People living in Kansas City should insist on getting a terminal that will be tailored to fit their needs. It should be well designed, safe, convenient and at the lowest cost possible.


It is widely expected that the KCI terminal project will be transformative for the minority workers, business owners as well as contractors. Travelers expect that the old terminal will be maintained during the period under which the new one will be under construction. This will provide a convenient and safe experience for travelers with disruptions kept at a minimum.

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