US selling fighter jets to Qatar and Kuwait for $7 billion

Governments of Middle Eastern countries Qatar and Kuwait in the nearest future may buy Boeing jets for $7 billion dollars.

According to Reuters agency the White House intends to approve the deal next week.

In this case, the United States consider the possibility to deliver 36 Boeing F16 fighter jets to Qatar worth $4 billion and 28 combat aircraft F/A18 to Kuwait for about $3 billion with the additional option to buy 12 more machines.

“It is imminent. We expect a decision next week,” said a representative of the Defense Ministry of Qatar, quoted by Reuters.

The US so far postponed the conclusion of the transactions because of concerns of their close ally Israel in the region, that the military aircraft can be used against them.

Furthermore, US authorities criticized Qatar for alleged links with armed Islamist groups.

However, observers believe that the expected conclusion of the large transactions is related to the desire of Washington to strengthen its relations with the Gulf countries.

In turn, American officials said that the delay in the process can cause serious damage to this important American business, as buyers can turn to other manufacturers.

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