US Marine Corps testing a pocket-sized drone

United States Marine Corps conducted field tests of a compact drone. Black Hornet PD100 device is pocket-sized and is soon expected to enter service in the US Army, according to various publications.

The miniature aircraft fits in а palm and is designed specifically for reconnaissance operations. PD100 is managed using GPS and can travel up to two kilometers on a single charge of the battery.

The drone is able to stay in the air for 25 minutes. With its help the US military can carry out intelligence operations, remaining out of sight of the enemy.

Black Hornet PD 100 remains completely inconspicuous during flight.

The drone is extremely quiet, with negligible dimensions and а neutral color. The device has three cameras – one facing forward, the other – back and the third is inclined at 45 degrees horizontally for maximum wide viewing range.

The drone can take pictures and video, sending materials in real time to the receiving device in a wireless communication channel.

The first tests of the Black Hornet PD100 were in California. Earlier, British military tested the drone on the battlefield in Afghanistan. Armies of other countries are also interested in similar devices.

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