US drone crashed in Syria

Unmanned aerial vehicle MQ-9 Reaper of the US military crashed while performing a combat mission against the group “Islamic state” in northern Syria, on Tuesday around 7:10 local time, reported RNS, citing the press service of the US Air Force.

The Air Force stated that the drone was not shot down by extremists. The press service was adamant that “Islamic State” has no involvement in the incident with the machine amounted to 16.9 million dollars and it “was destroyed by coalition aircraft.”

A little later, however, in the network appeared a video released by terrorists of ID that show debris from the ousted drone. The footage spread by jihadists is questioning the message of the press service of the US Air Force. Judging by the video, the crashed aircraft was captured by terrorists. 

Still, there’s no proof that the Islamist actually ousted the drone and no new press release different from the one stating that it was destroyed by planes of the international coalition in order not to fall into the hands of the enemy.

MQ-9 Reaper is a drone for attack and scouting, able to shoot missiles “Hellfire”. It’s long 11 meters and has a wingspan of 20 meters. The scope of action is 1600 km and the ceiling is 15,000 m height.




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