US Air Force seeking high performance in its new trainer

USAF pursue relatively high performance of its new educational and training aircraft, which will be created within the program T-X and is ready to hand out bonuses for higher performance than required. This became clear from the draft request for an offer (RfP), which the Pentagon spread.

According to released documents, USAF will be rewarding with bonuses flight characteristics beyond the minimum requirements. These bonuses will consist of deductions from the price of which will be assessed the project. This means that under two projects with similar price, one that has higher performance will be assessed better.

Bonuses will be given to a sustained g requirement over 6.5g but not more than 7.5g, as well as the angles of attack over 20 but not more than 25. Bonuses will also be given to models that can prepare for a turnaround for less than 45 minutes.

There will be bonuses for manufacturers that add fully integrated system for refueling in the air with rigid telescopic bar, adding various features in avionics and availability of complete ground simulator complex.

US Air Force plan to acquire 350 units of the new trainer aircraft the main function of which will be advanced Fighter training for the F-22 and F-35.

Northrop Grumman, as well as the consortium of Boeing and Saab, will offer entirely new constructions for the project. Raytheon will participate with the Italian M-346 and Lockheed Martin with T-50A.

The actual competition is expected to start at the end of the year and next year will be selected the winner. Reaching an initial level of combat readiness is expected in 2024.



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