Ukraine has provided China ownership of the An-225

Ukrainian state enterprise Antonov and China Airspace agreed on the provision to China of ownership of the largest cargo plane worldwide – AN-225, reported CCTV.

The agreement was signed on 30 August and includes the acquisition of rights to drawings and technical documentation of the aircraft. It is planned the first Chinese AN-225 to be produced in the first half of 2019.

The giant An-225 Mriya exists in a single copy and is the largest transport aircraft in the world. The maximum load capacity to the Mriya is 275 tons, which makes it the heaviest aircraft ever built. The six turbo engines creating general thrust of 1377 kN, make it the most powerful plane on Earth.

Ukrainian aircraft manufacturer Antonov had reached a high level of cooperation with the Russian military-industrial complex, which ended after the coup in Kiev in 2014. Since then, Antonov is looking for partners for the production and commercialization of its unique airplane.

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