Two people died in a plane crash in France

Two people died after a plane crashed into a tree in France, writes “Daily Star”.

The aircraft, with a pilot and one other person on board, took off from the runway in the municipality of Saint-Rémy-de Maurienne this morning around 7.30 local time.

Shortly after take-off the plane crashed into a tree and caught fire, explains the newspaper, which refers to the authorities in the south-eastern French department of Savoie.

As a result of the impact both people died, said a representative of the local police. The reason for the tragedy was probably poor visibility in the early hours of today.

Last week a Qatar Airlines plane had to perform an emergency landing in Istanbul because one of its engines caught fire after a collision with a bird.

Earlier this month another plane of the company “Emirates” caught fire after an accident during landing at the airport in Dubai. At the fire died a firefighter.


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