Trump Takes Credit, Airline Safety Experts Take Offense

President Trump seems to live by the 48 laws of power.
Especially law number seven: take credit for other people’s work.
Trump ruffled some feathers when he took credit in a Twitter post for 2017 being the safest year for flying with zero jet crash deaths. Trump’s tweet inferred that there were no deaths worldwide in airplane crashes because he has “been very strict on Commercial Aviation.” Many in the aviation safety industry took offense.
“It is a back-handed slap across the face of every safety professional in the entire commercial aviation community,” wrote Stephen M. Alvania yesterday in an opinion column in The Hill.
Harro Ranter, president of The Aviation Safety Network, said the average number of airliner accidents has declined due to the efforts of safety organizations – not President Trump.
Trump took credit for airline safety after TO70, a leading aviation consulting group, released its Civil Aviation Safety Review for 2017. The report noted a number of engine-related incidents and the declining number of deaths per one million flights. The consulting group calculated an average of one death for every 12 million flights. There were nearly 35 million commercial flights in 2017.
Relations between the airline industry and Trump have been strained since the President proposed the privatization of all air traffic control operations in the U.S. Industry officials warned any plan to privatize would put the safety of passengers at risk and be potentially more expensive.
Albeit there were no deaths on commercial jet flights, the TO70 report shares some events which were omitted from the statistical conclusions. For example, a jet blast fatally injured a person standing the near the airport fence at St. Maarten’s airport. Also, a cargo plane overran the runway in Kyrgystan killing 35 residents in a village on the perimeter of the airport.

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