Triple suicide bombing at the international airport in Istanbul killed at least 36 people

Explosions and a shootout rocked the international airport “Ataturk” in Istanbul, Turkey, late Tuesday evening, as a result of which were killed at least 36 people and nearly 150 others were injured. According to preliminary data, three suicide bombers triggered explosive devices after the police opened fire on them.

Local media broadcasted reportages according to which in the parking lot at the airport in Istanbul was produced shooting. Meanwhile, footage showed people running from inside the building. There was information that  two grenades were thrown at a group of people, causing the explosions.

A little later came the shock. Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag confirmed that security forces fired at a suspect at the entrance of the international terminal at the airport in Istanbul in an attempt to neutralize him after he started shooting with “Kalashnikov” assault rifle. Minutes after, three suicide bombers triggered explosive devices before passing the X-ray checks at the airport. The triple attack was carried out in the parking lot, at the entrance and at the exit of the international terminal at the “Ataturk” airport.

Initially, was confirmed the death of at least 10 people and was reported about 20 injured. The number of victims, however, grew rapidly. Аccording to recent data 36 people were killed and the wounded are 147. Some of them are in critical condition. The majority of those killed in the triple suicide bombing are citizens of Turkey. Among the victims, are several foreigners, but at the time their nationality is unclear, nor the exact number.

Prime Minister of Turkey Binali Yildirim revealed that the first signs show that the radical group “Islamic State” is behind the terrorist attack at the airport “Ataturk” in Istanbul. “The evidence points to Daesh,” said the Prime Minister using the Arabic name of the organization.

Meanwhile, Turkish security forces evacuated people in the territory of the Istanbul airport. After the deadly attack all flights at the airport “Ataturk”, which is the largest in Turkey and among the busiest in the world, were suspended for several hours, and the planes were diverted to other destinations. Currently, work at the airport has resumed and both take-offs and landings in the airport are allowed, explained Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim.

The latest terrorist attack that hit Turkey received a strong response from the international community. Leaders of countries around the world expressed their support for the Turkish people in this difficult moment.

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