Trigana Air Service Boeing 737 lands on its belly

A cargo plane made a spectacular landing on a Wamena airport runway in Indonesia.

A Trigana Air Service Boeing 737 touched down on its belly, without its main landing gear. After sliding over more than a thousand yards, the plane finally came to a halt at the end of the runway. There are no victims but the two pilots were clearly shaken. The aircraft had no other passengers, only 15 tonnes of merchandise.

According to eye witnesses, the cloud cover was very low at the time of landing, only around 200ft, and Wamena airport doesn’t have any landing aids (Instrument Landing System).  This meant that the pilots could only see the landing strip at a very late stage. Even though the trajectory of the aircraft was corrected at the last minute, the impact with the landing strip was so hard that it ripped off the main landing gear.

Trigana Air Service is an Indonesian company that was launched in 1991. The carrier operates a fleet of about a dozen aircraft made up of ATR42’s and ATR72’s, as well as Boeing 737s. This is the fifth accident the company has had since 2002. The last one occurred in the summer of 2015 and caused 54 deaths. Trigana Air Service is on a European blacklist for airlines and is therefore forbidden to fly in the European Union.

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