Tourist helicopter Bell 206 crashed in Tennessee

Tourist helicopter Bell 206 crash

Tourist helicopter Bell 206 with 5 people on board crashed in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The helicopter was making a regular sightseeing flight with tourists, when suddenly engine started smoking and stopped, which caused the crashing into the forest at Sevier County. All the 5 people on board died from the accident and the wreck was caught by flames. Almost whole evidences were burned by the fire, which spread to the forest and up the mountain. According to investigation from the police department, the helicopter appeared to have come down the side of a mountain and crashed at the foot of it.

“There’s not much left of the helicopter. It’s pretty much gone from the fire”, said the Pigeon Forge Police Chief Officer, Jack Baldwin. “There’s a little bit of the tail fin of the helicopter, and that’s about all that’s left, that and the console, that’s about it”, added he.

Dozens of emergency vehicles arrived at the scene of the accident, firefighting and trying to rescue some of the passengers. The accident happened on less than a mile form large outlet mall in Sevierville and adjacent to a neighborhood off the main tourist drag.

The crashed helicopter Bell 206 is operated by Smoky Mountain Helicopters, having one crew and four passengers at the time of accident. Bells 206 is two-bladed, single-engined helicopter, which has overall length of 12.11 m, height of 2.83 m and rotor diameter of 10.16 m. The empty weight is 1,057 kg and the maximum takeoff weight is 1,451 kg. The helicopter Bells 206 is driven by Allison 250-C30P turboshaft propeller with power of 420 shp.

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