The testing of AW609 resumed

Flight testing of TiltRotor AW609 resumed after a crash with one of the prototypes in October 2015. This reported Flightglobal.

One of the prototypes was flown from Arlingat, Texas to Philadelphia on August 10. The flight passed with three stopovers. The machine will be used for a while for tests with the FAA, then it will be sent to Italy.

Leonardo manufacturing company intends to certify the rotor for civilian service in 2018 and the resumption of flight tests as soon as possible is a key factor to this.

The interim report of the Italian authorities investigating the crash from last year shows that its main causes are a poor understanding of the management of the machine at high speeds and problems in the software used to control it.

Leonardo said that flight tests resumed for flights in helicopter mode and in airplane mode.

First deliveries of the type should be made by the end of 2018 and currently, there are 60 orders for the rotor, almost all of civilian customers, with the exception of three machines for UAE, which will be used for search and rescue by the Armed Forces of the Emirate.


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