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Talos Energy is one of the companies that recently secured the rights to drill for oil in the Gulf Coast of Mexico after Mexico started auctioning off those rights. Officials who work with Talos Energy have found a field just off the coast with what appears to be over one billion barrels of oil. The area is only about 40 miles off the coast of Mexico, making it an easy area to reach. This is a discovery that is very important to the country of Mexico. It could be a means to get the country off its feet financially as it uses the oil for its own people and sells the oil to other locations across the world.

One thing that sets Talos Energy apart from others is that it’s independently owned and operated. This means that there aren’t any large companies working together to keep the business operational. Although it could be seen as a smaller company compared to others, it has a passion for finding oil and for helping others. The managers of the company have several years of experience in operating the business. They examine each angle of the investment process before any kind of commitment is made. The company focuses on securing operated shelves that are already in place as well as underwater assets that are located in the Gulf of Mexico. There is a detailed process for finding areas in the Gulf that will deliver a large amount of oil for the parent company.

Even before Talos Energy was developed, the management built two companies for oil and gas in Mexico, selling them in a profitable manner for both the company and the country. Because of the investigation skills that the company uses before securing oil rigs and areas to drill in, Talos Energy is set to be a leading company in the energy market. The company seeks to stay as competitive as possible in order to maintain its name in the world.

Talos Energy secured the rights from Mexico to drill off the coast in 2015. High-tech data is being used by the company in order to discover and drill for oil. Mexico originally thought that there wasn’t as much oil available until the company came back with the results of further tests that were conducted. There is a hope that because of Mexico being so close to the United States that a partnership can develop between the countries.

The energy company follows several values that it has set in place before drilling in any location. It is committed to bringing energy to all parts of the world but in a safe manner that is used in the proper way without the fear of wasting resources or money.

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