Take Your Kitchen to The Next Level: Aloha Construction Kitchen Remodeling Tips

If you’re ready to tackle a big project like a kitchen remodel, make sure you call Aloha Construction and their partner, Aloha Restoration Co. Remodeling with experts by your side can make all the difference between a smooth update and a DIY disaster. These kitchen remodeling tips from Aloha Construction will help you stay in budget, stick with a timeless look, and survive life without a kitchen during the remodel.

1. How To Stay In Budget

When it comes to kitchen remodels, it’s easy to blow your budget out of the water with expensive materials, top of the line appliances, and unforeseen expenses. That’s why keeping a strict budget is extremely important. Aloha Construction recommends allocating about 30% to 40% of your total budget for labor and service costs, using 50% for appliances and materials, and putting aside 10% for extra charges you may not expect like taxes, damaged appliances, or an unforeseen cost. That way, you’ll have enough funds to cover the project without dipping further into your savings. Keeping your budget under control can go a long way in minimizing the stress of a kitchen remodel.


Another way to stay in budget is by choosing your materials and appliances wisely. This usually means going with the middle of the road options. The most expensive materials may be more aesthetically pleasing, but when it comes to a remodel durability and functionality are key, and the most expensive items are not always the best for your house. Similarly, it’s a bad idea to choose the cheapest materials as well, because they may end up costing more in repairs and maintenance in the long run. During your remodel, the best idea is to research and review the appliances and products you are using and make an informed and budget-conscious decision to choose durable and high-quality materials.

2. How to Ensure a Timeless Look

Do you ever step into a home, and know immediately which decade it was built and decorated in? Don’t be that house! I don’t know about you, but most people don’t want to go through kitchen remodels every year. That’s why it is important to choose a classic and timeless look, that will age well and stay in style as the years go by.


The best way to keep your kitchen timeless is by steering clear of fads and trends. Sure, the rustic look may be hot now, but is it still going to be in when you want to sell your house in ten years? Improving your home’s resale value is often a big reason for the kitchen remodel, so it’s a good idea not to incorporate too much of your own personal style or flair into the project. Instead, go with reliable looks like a granite countertop, a muted backsplash, unpainted cabinets, and hardwood floors. You can’t go wrong with the classic look, and it will never look dated or out of style.


Some other kitchen design tips from Aloha Construction include adding an open floor plan, to give your kitchen lots of space, and removing walls to connect it with the living and dining areas. This helps your guests flow easily through the rooms during a party, and allows for easier conversations and a connection to the rest of the home and family while cooking during your day to day life.


Finally, consider replacing your windows during a kitchen remodel. The kitchen is a great place for a statement piece like a large picture window. It’s also important to have a lot of natural light in the room because it is one you spend copious amounts of time in every day. Don’t forget the windowsill too, so you can grow your own small herb garden to cook with right there inside your kitchen.

3. How to Survive Without a Kitchen During the Remodel

Depending on how big your project is, a kitchen remodel with Aloha Construction can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to complete. During that time, you’re going to need to eat. Sure, eating out is fun, but it’s also expensive and not sustainable for weeks on end. So, how can you (and your budget) survive without a kitchen?


The best time of year to do a kitchen remodel is during the warmer months. This will allow you to utilize the outdoor spaces on your property while your kitchen is out of order. Many people already have tables and grills on their decks, which can make a perfect makeshift kitchen if the weather cooperates. If you can’t prep and cook your meals outside, using your basement is another option. Set up a temporary workplace, even if it’s just with a microwave or toaster oven.


Another great tip from Aloha Construction is to prep and freeze easy-to-reheat meals before the renovation gets underway. Some great options include lasagna, pasta dishes, casseroles, and burritos. If even your freezer is going to go and you have no extra or outdoor spaces, it might be time to pack up and stay with a friend or relative for a week or two while the renovation is at its worst. Talk to your contractors about the schedule, and once the new appliances are in it may be possible to start cooking again even while the windows, flooring, or cabinets are still under construction.



Home renovations are never easy. It’s important to be prepared going in because they are a big undertaking. Use these tips from Aloha Construction before you get started, and reduce stress by staying under budget. Reduce headaches and future changes by sticking with a timeless look, and reduce the hassles of being kitchenless by being prepared with a temporary cooking space or pre-made meals. Once you’re ready to get started, give Aloha Construction a call and get your quote for a kitchen remodel today!


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