A Student in Flight School Killed In Mid-Air Collision

A flight student was killed among three other individuals on Friday when his aircraft hit a helicopter. This accident happened near Rothschild’s Buckingham Estate and cut short the dreams of a student whose only hope was to fly planes. The 18-year old student who went by the name Saavan Mundae was taking his flying classes at Buckinghamshire New University. Mundae’s friends paid tribute to him as a determined young man who died while doing what he loved. For the second time now in six years, tragedy had struck the University’s flight school where another student died when his airplane crashed in Florida swamp.

A flight instructor was one of the people who lost their lives when the Cessna 152 crashed. The helicopter pilot and his passenger also lost their lives. The helicopter pilot, Captain Mike Green was taking his passenger on a gift sightseeing tour when the accident took place. Upon impact, both aircrafts disintegrated on impact and plummeted down to the ground. A short time earlier, they had taken off from an airstrip whose air traffic control was down due to a shortage of staff. The wreckage of the two planes tumbled from the sky and fell a mile away from a home which was formerly owned by the Rothschild’s banking family. Police from Theme Valley confirmed the incident and said that the four bodies were still at the crash site and that they had not yet been retrieved. The families of three victims visited the crash site yesterday. Mr. Mundae was taking commercial pilot training with a specialization in air transport.

A fellow student to Mr. Mundae, Benjamin Hant, wrote that he had lost two friends in the fateful accident in High Wycombe on a Twitter tribute page. Hant said that since he was a kid flying was all he wanted to do and that he and his fellow students at Buckinghamshire University were walloped by the incident. He said that it is unfortunate that such incidents happen while they think that they are entirely safe. However, Hant said that the University’s flying community needed to stay strong and keep in mind the reason why they fly. A 21-year-old aviation student from the same institution, Carly Beattie, was flying alongside his brother when her Cessna 153 nosedived into a swamp after hitting a tree. This accident happened in 2011 near Blue Cypress Lake in Florida. Captain Green, who was an army instructor, trained students in a helicopter flying at Wycombe Air Field.

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