South American Airline is Set to Dominate the Continent

London Heathrow is the only British airport with direct flights to South America

LATAM, the airline that resulted from the merger of TAM from Brazil and LAN from Chile in 2012, is quickly developing into the most respected airline in the Americas. By 2020, this airline expects to be the most dominant in the continent, and it intends to achieve this position with a plan concocted in 2015. Since then, LATAM has been the darling of discussions among industry analysts who believe that this airline is taking all the right steps towards success.

According to a report recently published by financial news website Business Insider, the LATAM was conceived in 2015 after executives decided to streamline operations and upgrade the fleet with 300 Airbus and Boeing jets that they ordered with specifications to improve the overall flight experience for passengers. The airline invested as much as possible on new aircraft, which today includes the Airbus A350XWB, the A320NEO and the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Since LATAM operates across South America and the Caribbean, most of its flights are international routes; this gives the the airline plenty of reasons to pamper its business premium class, where most passengers enjoy sleeper seats that can be transformed into beds that are 73 inches long. The overall business premium experience is very classy; the personal hygiene kits are put together by luxury fashion brand Salvatore Ferragano. Furthermore, LATAM premium passengers also get gourmet in-flight meals prepared by master chefs; these meals, which are paired with local wines, feature Latin American ingredients and lots of flavor.

Even the economy class experience offered by LATAM is very mindful of passengers thanks to more than 30 inches of legroom, which is more than what is traditionally offered by airlines based in the United States. Wine is served on a complimentary basis, and each passenger enjoys a selection of more than 100 films and television series. The interior design of the LATAM aircraft cabins features small motifs of regional artwork, and the overall aesthetics evoke a feeling of being in the foyer of a luxurious hotel in a major Latin American metropolis such as Sao Paulo, Santiago, Buenos Aires, or Montevideo.

In the end, LATAM is not operating solely on the principles of cutting costs; in fact, this is an airline that employs more than 45,000 workers in five countries. The secret to its expansion and future entry into the North American market is that its attention to passenger comfort is being noticed and remembered.

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