Solar Impulse 2: Final flight to Abu Dhabi postponed

On July 13 the solar plane operated by Andre Borshberg and Bertrand Piccard landed in Cairo. From there it will depart for Abu Dhabi, where began its round the world tour on March 9, 2015. For 16 months the plane landed in 15 cities.

The end of the tour of the powered with solar energy plane, however, is postponed for now. The flight from Egypt to Abu Dhabi was postponed to a later date. This is because of illness of the pilot Bertrand Piccard and because of the weather at the airport, where the plane should take off.

“Canceling the flight to Abu Dhabi is not an easy decision but it’s a wise decision for safety reasons,” tweeted the other pilot André Borschberg.

The organisers assured that “the engineers at the Mission Control Center in Monaco will continue to work hard to identify another window in the coming days.”

“Solar Impulse 2” is constructed in Switzerland. It is an enhanced version of its predecessor “Solar Impulse”. The extent of his wings is 72 meters and its weight – almost 2.3 tons.

The airplane is equipped with 17,000 solar batteries, by which are driven its 4 electric motors. Theoretically, the aircraft can continuously be in the air as the energy stored during the day, powers it at night.

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