Smoke in cabin of airplane Bombardier CRJ700 during landing at Albany

Bombardier CRJ700

Airplane Bombardier CRJ700 with registration N719PS suffered smoke in the cabin during landing at Albany’s runway 19 in New York, USA. The incident happened at the approach for landing of the airplane, which was performing a flight AA-5446 with 35 passengers and 4 crew from Washington National, DC to Albany, NY on behalf of American Airlines. The pilot declared Mayday and requested ATC to send firefighting trucks at the taxi lane. All the passengers were evacuated on the evacuated onto the adjacent taxiway and transfered to the airport by bus. Fortunately there were no injured people during the accident.

The ATC estimated that there was no fire in the airplane Canadair CRJ-700, but it is believed a light fixture at the rear passenger cabin was the source of the smoke. Following the accident, the airport was closed for 20-30 minutes during the emergency landing and the inspection of the airplane.

The airplane CRJ-700 is regional airliner manufactured by Bombardier. Seating ranges from 66 to 78 for the CRJ-700 versions, however. The CRJ-700 features a new wing with leading edge slats and a stretched and slightly widened fuselage, with a lowered floor. The airplane CRJ-700 has length of 32.30 m, height of 7.60 m, wingspan of 23.20 m and wing area of 70.6 sq m. The airplane is driven by two 61.3 kN GE CF34-8C5B1, reaching maximum cruise speed of 876 km/h.

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  1. Just curious why you would use a picture of a Jazz Aviation CRJ 900 and say it was involved in an incident? Jazz used CRJ 900 aircraft with less than maximum seats and designated as CRJ 705. Now being converted to CRJ 900 configuration.

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