The Small Size of Airline Seats Is a Big Problem

There are many negative things that travelers are forced to deal with when they take a commercial flight. Long lines at the airport, fees for extra bags and being patted down unnecessarily by a TSA agent are just a few of the common hassles that people experience when they fly. However, one of the biggest complaints that passengers have is the amount of space between seats in economy class. This has been a bone of contention for many years. However, the problem has seemingly only gotten worse.

It is no secret that airlines are always looking for ways to make as much money as possible. Charging for blankets and meals are two things that airlines did not used to do in the past. Now airlines are making economy seats smaller than they have ever been before. The reason for this is quite obvious from a business standpoint. The ability to fit more passengers on the plane means that the airlines will be able to make more money. The amount of space between seats in economy class used to be 35 inches for most airlines. However, they have been significantly reduced to 30 inches. There are even some airlines that have only 28 inches of space for flights that are short.

Not surprisingly, the airlines are doing nothing whatsoever to make their first class customers any less comfortable. There has been no changes whatsoever to the amount of space between the seats in first class. There has been some legal action taken against the airline industry as a result of economy class seats being made so small that many people can’t tolerate sitting in them. The lawsuits are still pending. However, they could result in a limit being placed on the amount of space between seats. None of the six largest airlines in the United States have dared to go below 30 inches.

There is some talk that some airlines might be taking a step in the opposite direction by giving their passengers more legroom. This is a calculated attempt to take advantage of the bad public relations that many airlines have experienced as a result of their limited legroom. However, no airline has officially announced any new planes with additional legroom as of yet. It would be a brilliant move that would attract many customers who are sick and tired of being packed into a place like sardines in a can.


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