Skywest’s Bombardier CRJ-700 suffered problem at climbing out of San Francisco

Skywest Bombardier CRJ-700

The Skywest Canadair airplane Bombardier CRJ-700 suffered problem with windshield heating during the climbing out of San Francisco to Portland. The airplane with registration N740SK was making a flight OO-5336/UA-5336, but in Portland was expected icing conditions, which might cause problem in landing. After encountering the problem returned to the airport and successful landed. During the incident there were no injured people, as landing happened successfully just a 35 minutes after departure. The airplane was replaced with another one, which was already waiting at the gate and flight was completed with delay of about 2 hours.

The Skywest Canadair airplane Bombardier CRJ-700 was under maintenance before taking off, suffering delay of 30 minutes. After about 20 minutes from climbing the captain announced they needed to return to San Francisco due to a maintenance issue, the heating at the first officer’s windshield had failed disabling them to continue to Portland where icing conditions were expected. The airplane made a tour to burn some of the fuel and successfully landed back in San Francisco.

The airplane was put under maintenance for 5 hours and returned in operations after special safety inspection.

The aircraft Bombardier CRJ-700 has overall length of 32.51 m and height of 7.57 m. The wingspan of the jet is 23.24 m, while the wing area is 70.61 sq m. The regional airliner has maximum capacity for 70 passengers and maximum takeoff weight of 32,999 kg.

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