SIA will not extend lease of first A380

Singapore Airlines will not extend the lease on its first Airbus A380 after its expiry in October 2017.

The aircraft, registered 9V-SKA (MSN 003) will not have its lease renewed despite the option to extend it after the expiry of its current 10-year period.

In response to inquiries as to its decision SIA has stated that:

“The decision was the result of a regular review of our fleet requirements,”

Flight Fleets Analyzer shows that the carrier has another four A380s (9V-SKB/-SKC/-SKD/-SKE) taken on a similar lease duration and has another five on order that will start arriving in the second half of next year. It currently operates 19 of the aircraft type.

SIA adds that no decisions have been made on whether to renew the leases of the other four 2007-vintage A380s.  The company was the launch customer of the A380, with -SKA the first A380 to enter commercial service in October 2007. In May this year, it said that it was non-committal on lease extensions for the batch of five initial A380s.

Of the five aircraft, -SKC is managed by Doric. The rest, including 9V-SKA, are managed by special purpose vehicles under the Dr Peters Group.

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