Saab will deliver 3 new surface movement radars to Arlanda Airport, Stockholm

Saab ATM selects Cambridge Pixel RadarView for SR-3

The defense technology company Saab has been selected by Swedavia, the state company that owns and operates the airport infrastructure in Sweden, to deliver 3 radars SR-3 for surface movement control for the needs of Arlanda Airport in Stockholm.

Saab’s radars of the new generation of SR-3 for surface movement control enhance airport security by detecting not answering calls targets, including aircraft, ground vehicles, and other obstacles. They will replace three aging radars at Arlanda Airport. Radars for surface movement SR-3 deliver unparalleled situational awareness and safety in all weather conditions and are designed for easy and trouble-free replacement of old radars.

“The Saab SR-3 Surface Movement Radar was selected based on the competitive pricing. Saab will replace our existing radars quickly, with limited downtime, starting this summer. The SR-3 technology will give Arlanda better performance during low visibility,” said Bo Hedman from Swedavia.

“Thanks to its design and flexibility we can provide Swedavia with new surface movement radars that utilize interfaces for easy integration into existing or new air traffic control systems, says Anders Carp, head the Saab Traffic Management division, part of the business area Surveillance.

Saab offers solutions for air traffic control, civil aviation, airports and airlines in more than 40 countries on six continents.

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