Ryanair stops the positioning of new aircraft in the UK because of Brexit

The largest low-cost airline in Europe – Irish Ryanair, will not position new aircraft in one of the most important markets – Britain. The reason is the uncertainty of the beginning process of the exit of Britain from the EU.

That said himself the Chief Executive Officer Michael O’Leary in the Scottish city of Glasgow.

As one of the greatest opponents of Brexit, O’Leary has repeatedly spoken out sharply to the political class of the country. This time was no exception – he called them “headless chickens” who have “no idea where they’re going to finish up”.

The manager stated categorically that Ryanair will not increase its capacity in the country until the details about the upcoming Brexit become clear. Here it should be noted that the airline ordered 50 brand new aircraft with which to increase and improve its fleet.

None of them, however, will land next year on the Island.

“It’s not because we’re annoyed or anything with the UK, but we have much more political certainty in continental Europe than we have in the UK while they’re all running around trying to work out what Brexit looks like,” said O’Leary. “None of the new aircraft we take delivery of next year will be based here in the UK and already you can see the Brexit decision is costing real jobs, real visitors are being lost and real investment is being postponed,”he added.

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