Russia ISR aircraft Tu-214R arrived in Syria

Russia transferred the Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance aircraft Tu-214R in Syria. This is the second such machine, which arrived at the Khmeimim air base.

Tu-214R differs from its civilian counterparts with typical bulges under the front of the fuselage and tail and drop-shaped fairings on the side of the hull in which are located powerful radars with phased arrays for circular and lateral observation.

Exactly these radars part of the multi-frequency radar complex RCM-411 are the eyes and ears of the aircraft: operators receive information in active and passive (without revealing their location) mode, and can also intercept enemy radio conversations.

The main feature of the locators of Tu-214R lies in their ability to conduct the so-called “subsurface radiolocation.” In other words, the plane “sees” through the surface. From Tu-214R can not be hidden any objects – buried underground, covered with snow, sand, wood. It makes their radar “image” and immediately transmits the information to the command post.

Radiotechnical complex is complemented by an optoelectronic image system with high resolution “Fraktsiya”, thanks to which the crew of the Tu-214R receives a real-time and highly accurate picture of the area in the visible and infrared ranges.

Featuring such equipment Tu-214R will carry out its tasks together with the other reconnaissance aircraft of the Russian VKO in Syria: Il-20 and A-50.

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