Russian fighter dangerously close to American spy plane over the Black Sea

Russian fighter Su-27 again committed maneuver dangerously close to a US patrol aircraft – over the Black Sea, news agencies reported with reference to the Pentagon.

The maneuver lasted 19 minutes as the Russian Su-27 had approached at 3 meters to the American P-8 Poseidon, reported news agency Reuters, citing a source from the Defense Ministry of the United States.

The patrol plane was in international airspace and was conducting a routine operation.

Moscow comment on the case, as essentially did not deny the information of the Pentagon.

According to the representative of the Russian Defense Ministry, Major General Igor Konashenkov, quoted by Novosti agency on Wednesday, the US aircraft P-8 Poseidon tried to approach the Russian border air over the Black Sea with turned off transponders.

Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis pointed out that such actions may lead to an unnecessary escalation of tension and can lead to misunderstandings and incidents.

From the beginning of the year, world agencies had reports of hundreds of cases of violation of NATO air and maritime space by Russian warplanes and ships in Europe and North America.

In April, the Pentagon published photos and videos showing how Russian Sukhoi Su-24 fly aggressively 7-8 meters above the US Navy ship Donald Cook in the Baltic Sea.

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