Russian Defence Ministry will modernize Su-34 strike fighters

The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation will modernize the multipurpose strike fighter Sukhoi Su-34, which performed quite well during the participation of VKO(Russian Aerospace Forces) in Syria. This was announced today by the Deputy Minister of the Defence department, Yuriy Borisov, reported RIA “Novosti”.

“Our plan is after some time to upgrade this aircraft to extend its life, increase the number of aircraft weapons. The plane is very popular in our armed forces, and it has a good future,” said Borisov.

In addition, the Deputy Minister said that the contract for the delivery of Su-34 to the Russian Aerospace Forces signed until 2020, will be implemented ahead of schedule. Borissov also pointed out that there “are already starting to line up foreign buyers” for the aircraft.

Su-34 is a modern Russian two-seat strike fighter, designed to replace outdated Su-24M and Tu-22M3.

The serial production of the aircraft began in 2007 and was officially accepted into service in 2014. In the Russian VKO are operated about 80 such fighters. Under the current program of the armament of the Russian Aerospace Forces 124 aircraft should be recieved by 2020, and later the number of deliveries may increase.

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