Russia will soon receive the hundredth Su-34

Soon the military aviation of Russia will receive the hundredth fighter-bomber Su-34. This reported TASS source of the Novosibirsk aviation plant that produces the type.

From OAK they refused official comment.

The first contract for Su-34 was signed in 2008 and covered 32 aircraft. It was not implemented in December 2013 Meanwhile, in February 2012 was signed a new contract, this time for 92 machines to be delivered until January 2018.

Su-34 should replace most fighter-bombers Su-24 which are in service in Russia and part of the attack jet aircraft Su-25. Probably orders for the type will not be limited to the now ordered 124 pieces.

The development of Su-34 began in the late 80s of last century. So far the machine has taken part in the hostilities in Georgia in 2008 and over Syria in 2015 – 2016.

So far there are no solid export orders, but there is unofficial information that Algeria has already declared 12 pieces.

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