Russia may give six MiG-29 to Serbia

Russia could give to Serbia six used MiG-29, and the repair and modernization to be held in Serbia at its own expense. This reported local newspaper Blic.

The newspaper refers to anonymous sources in the Serbian Ministry of Defense, according to which recently a Serbian military delegation visited Russia, where it was shown used MiG-29 that need capital repair.

The scheme suggests that the aircraft is provided free of charge to the Serbian side, but it will pay for their overhaul and the eventual modernization on Serbian requirements. The subject is being negotiated.

There is no clarity about how much such repair and modernization it will cost because the cost will depend on the Serbian requirements for possible upgrade.

Between 2008 and 2010 five Serbian MiG-29 were renovated and refurbished in aviation factory Moma Stanojlovic. Key systems and components such as engines and radar, however, were sent to Russia.

It is unclear what is the current status of that factory and whether it can perform the work in question.

Serbian Air Force currently has three fighters MiG-29 and one trainer MiG-29UB. For several years, the country is trying to update its military aviation, but there is no finance available for this. A few weeks ago the Serbian defense minister said that the price of new MiG-29M2 with partial armaments amounted to € 65 mln., Which was unattainable for his country.

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