Reduction in the production of Airbus A380 could mean the end of the superjumbo

Airbus Group SE announced a drastic reduction in the production of its flagship among giant airliners in the global aviation market – A380 superjumbo, acknowledging that its demand has fallen far below initial forecasts. The commercial prospects of the largest in the world airliner are prematurely setting.

Production of the European double-decker airliner for less than a decade in commercial operation will be reduced by more than “half to one” aircraft per month by 2018, Airbus’ officials said on Tuesday.

The rest of the Airbus family, however, are contrasting with great success. The European aircraft manufacturer has achieved surprising success, when only in a few hours received several large orders for its narrow-body (single-aisle) airliner from the already popular A320 family during the airshow in Farnboro, UK.

After the already made predictions that airlines’ orders for wide-airliners will reach 1,200 aircraft over two decades, from Airbus realize that the reality is far more modest with the supply of only 193 A380 by a total of 126 orders, with some of them not very likely to ever materialize.

With the commissioning of wide-efficient airliners with two jet engines, the interest in the giant airliners “superjumbo” almost faded. The airline Emirates in the Emirate of Dubai is emerging as the only airline which will cover fully the potential of the giant airliners .



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