Reducing Accidents for US Military Service Members

It has been a deadly month for the US Marines as they have lost several service members to aviation accidents. This has led to the Marine Corps ordering all its aviation units to access the matter. This will result in grounding of all units’ aircraft so that they can review the safety operations. All aviation units have also been ordered to look at past mistakes as they may learn from them. This order was made by General Robert B. Neller who is the Marine Corps commandant. He termed the process as an operational reset that should be carried out in the next two weeks. He mentioned that the time frame would limit the number of aircraft being grounded at one instance. This is a crucial moment for the US military as the Korean Peninsula tension deepens. It’s up to each unit commander to decide when their unit will carry out these operations. However, the commanders of units that are far away from their home bases can ask for extensions. This is according to Marine Corps spokeswoman Captain Ryan E. Alvis. However, the cause of these orders has not been explained yet.

However, there are speculations that it might have been caused by the recent crashes involving the US Marines. For instance, the Marine KC-130T crash near Jackson Mississippi may have contributed to the order. In this crash alone, 16 service members lost their lives. This was back in July. The recent accident on 5th August may have also contributed to the orders. This crash involved Marine MV-22 Osprey. This accident claimed three marines and happened in the Pacific Ocean in Australia shores. The importance of studying historical examples as well as accidents is to come up with better practices for the flying units. The US Marines Corp rarely makes such pauses as the last one came in August 2016. The US army has been involved in a number of accidents and has also reported few airworthy aircraft in the recent years. Their military commanders as well as the Congress have blamed these accidents on inadequate funding leading to little maintenance. For instance, General John Paxton testified to the Congress last year that units deployed abroad have to rely on other squadrons resources. This leaves one unit without the necessary resources. For instance, lack of training aircraft leads to reduced flying hours and hence incompetence. This affects the US Military as pilots cannot maintain their own qualifications as well as those set by the military.

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