Private jet comes down in field next to airport

A plane has crash landed in a field next to Fairoaks Airport narrowly missing some large trees.

Two people were on board the private jet when came down in the field next to the Chobham airport, at 8.35am. Firefighters from Chertsey and Woking , and a water carrier from Camberely were sent to the scene, as well as Surrey Police officers and paramedics. The Surrey Fire & Rescue environmental protection unit was also deployed from Dorking , in case of fuel spillage. One of the crew commanders stated that:

“We were told a plane had crash landed at Fairoaks and the pilot was injured. It came through from the police. There was no sign of fire but they were concerned about a fuel spillage. We were expecting it to have run off the end of the runway but it had crashed into a farmer’s field about 100 yards from the end of the runway. It was coming into land to pick up a customer. There were two personnel on board- the pilot and the co-pilot. We had to make the scene safe. When we arrived the on site fire crews from Fairoaks were very good. They had turned up in a response vehicle and put a ayer of foam down. We cooled off the engine.”

One of the fire officers in charge of the incident, Graham Whitfield from Woking Fire Station said the pilot and co-pilot on board were “lucky” to have narrowly missed three established oak trees in the field. He said it was a brand new six person private jet.


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