President Trump Takes Credit for Reduced Aviation Accidents

Late on Tuesday, the president of the United States Donald Trump decided to take credit for a report that the skies had been safe last year. He attributed this to his administration and the measures that they had implemented. In a brief statement, the president said that his administration had been strict when it comes to commercial aviation. For instance, he boasted of the record that there were zero deaths last year. He even referred 2017 to as the best year when it comes to aviation safety. Mr. Trump was speaking after two reports were released regarding aviation safety. The report that was released by the Aviation Safety Network noted that 2017 didn’t record any fatal crashes like years before. The same was also echoed by a Dutch aviation consulting firm known as To70. The White house through Raj Shah later released a statement saying that President Trump had improved the United States aviation safety and security. For starters, Raj Shah works for the Trump administration as a White House spokesman. Some of the ways that the Trump administration had improved the aviation sector included privatizing air traffic control as well as the improved guidelines related to passengers screening and electronics screening. The guidelines had been implemented by Department of Homeland Security.

Nonetheless, it’s important to mention that there is a bill related to air traffic control that has failed to progress in Congress. Many senators and representatives feel that the new bill will not have any impact when it comes to airline safety. The National Transportation Safety Board said that the last fatal aviation accident involving a commercial airline in America dates back to 2009 when 49 people were killed by a commuter plane that was on route to Buffalo, New York. The NTSB further noted that the enhanced screening was geared towards ensuring that there were few incidences of terrorism in airlines. However, there were seven fatal airline accidents that were recorded in 2016. According to the NTSB, some of these airlines involved Pakistani airlines, Egyptian Airlines, Nepalese Emirati, Bolivian airline and Somali airline. The NTSB noted that these accidents were as a result of technical malfunction, bad weather, and suicide bombing. None of these airlines were headed to America. Harro Ranter works for the Aviation Safety Network as the chief executive officer. He mentioned that he was not surprised by the figures. He also noted that the number of airline accidents had tremendously declined in the past few 20 years.

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