Potential Guinness Record Rabbit Dies Aboard United Airlines Plane  

large-rabbit-simon-deadSimon, the large bunny rabbit that was found dead aboard United Airlines plane

A giant bunny rabbit, named Simon, has died aboard an United Airlines plane while being transported to his new owner from London to Chicago.

The 3 foot bunny rabbit was put aboard a Boeing 737 and was expected by his new owner – a famous celebrity – at Chicago but unfortunately the rabbit was found dead in his cage upon arrival.

According to breeder Annette Edwards, Simon was absolutely healthy and his death is a real mystery to her.

“He was as fit as a fiddle. I’ve sent rabbits around the world before and nothing like this happened. Simon had a vet’s check-up three hours before the flight,” she said. “Something very strange has happened and I want to know what. I’ve sent rabbits all around the world and nothing like this has happened before. The client who bought Simon is very famous. He’s upset.”

10-months-old Simon is the son of Darius, the world’s largest rabbit at 4ft 4in, and was expected to surpass his father’s size. Giant rabbits typically live for four to five years

In a statement sent to the BBC, United Airlines, said:

“We were saddened to hear this news. The safety and well-being of all the animals that travel with us is of the utmost importance to United Airlines and our PetSafe team. We have been in contact with our customer and have offered assistance. We are reviewing this matter.”


Darius, the world’s largest rabbit, was the father of Simon

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