Plane Found After Disappearing From Radar

A small plane disappeared only a few days ago from Oklahoma. There were no apparent issues when the five-passenger plane left the Wiley Post Airport. The pilot was supposed to land in Texas. Reports indicate that the pilot worked with Pilot ‘N’ Paws Mission. He was on his way to get a Husky so that it would have a home. Radar images showed the plane over Texas only a short time after it left Oklahoma. When the plane was supposed to land, the radar image disappeared. The last noted image showed the plane going over the Gulf of Mexico.

The Coast Guard is working to try to find out when the last contact was made with an air traffic controller. Fighter jets have also been working to try to locate the pilot. Officials believe that the pilot might have suffered a medical emergency while in the air. Dr. Bill Kinsinger was the pilot of the plane when it went missing. Air traffic controllers gave instructions to him when he was close to the airport in Texas. However, he did not respond. This is the point when FAA officials started to become concerned with the plane’s whereabouts because the image of the plane disappeared on the radar.

Friends and family members are shocked by the news of the pilot’s disappearance. The doctor has flown planes with several animals on them in the past as he tries to rescue animals that are scheduled to be put to sleep to try to give them a home. Latest reports from the Coast Guard are that the plane has been found and that it appears as though Dr. Kinsinger was slumped in the pilot’s seat. There is no clear indication as to what could have happened, but an investigation is underway by both United States officials and Mexican officials.

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