Plane caught fire at Dubai International Airport

A plane caught fire at Dubai International Airport. The liner burst into flames while trying to land, reports RT.
The aircraft is of the airline Emirates. The incident occurred today at 12:45 pm local time.

The burning machine is photographed by many people waiting at the airport. Many photos are spreading on social networks. According to initial information, at least one of the engines ignited.

Most likely, the plane is Boeing B777 with registration A6-EMW.

The Government of Dubai has confirmed the news that a passenger plane caught fire on the runway of the international airport upon landing. The aircraft of the company “Emirates” landed emergency after another bursting into flames while it was still in the air, says “Mirror”. 

The aircraft performed a three-hour flight from Trivandrum in India. Just as long after takeoff the captain sent a distress signal.

It is assumed on board were no injured people. All passengers were evacuated.

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