The pilots that downed the Russian Su-24 were arrested in Turkey

“Two Turkish pilots who shot down a Russian Su-24 near the Syrian border were taken into custody, according to a senior Turkish official speaking on condition of anonymity,” reported Bloomberg, citing a high-level Turkish official.

After the attempted coup in Turkey late last week in the country continue the arrests of military, police and other officials. So far are arrested more than 7,500 people and another 9,000 state employees, including many military and police officers, have been removed from office.

Earlier, the mayor of Ankara said that one of the pilots, who shot down the Su-24, took part in the attempted coup in Turkey. According to him, this same man is the sympathizer of the located in the USA preacher Fethullah Gulen.

We remind, on November 16, 2015, Turkish F-16s shot down over the Syrian-Turkish border a Russian bomber Su-24. Turkey said the plane entered the airspace of the country, while Moscow categorically denied the allegations. After months of tension between Moscow and Ankara in June this year, the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan sent a letter to President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, in which apologized for the accident.

The arrest of Turkish pilots is another step towards the warming of relations between Turkey and Russia, experts predict.

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