Passenger of Airbus A330-200 injured during turbulence near Vietnam

Airbus A330-200 airplane

Airbus A330-200 with registration A9C-KE, carrying 247 passengers on board encountered severe turbulence, which caused altitude deviations from route FL380 to FL373 and FL382. The airplane of Gulf Air was making a flight GF-155 from Manila, Philippines to Bahrain, but on 30 nautical miles of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam went through the region with low pressure and entered into a zone of severe turbulence. During the incident, several passengers suffered minor injuries and forced the crew to change the course to Mumbai, where successfully landed on runway 27. All the injured people were transported to the hospital for medical treatment, while the airplane continue the flight to Bahrain with a delay of 5 hours.

The airline reported that aircraft Airbus A330-200 with registration A9C-KE encountered severe turbulence, which caused minor injuries of several passengers and crew. One of the passengers was hospitalized in Mumbai with head wounds needing stitching. All other passengers returned on the plane the continue the flight to Bahrain.

The airline started investigation about the root cause of the accident and if all the crew and passengers followed the safety rules during the flight.

Airbus A330-200 is medium to long range wide-body twin-engine jet airliner. The airplane is entered service in 1998 and typical range with 253 passengers in a three-class configuration is 13,400 km. The A330-200 is ten fuselage frames with a length of 58.82 m and height 17.39 m. The airplane has wingspan 60.3 m and wing area of 361.6 sq m with wing sweepback of 30 degrees. The structural strengthening of the wing allow the maximum takeoff weight of Airbus A330-200 of 229.8 tonnes, which is higher than the other models of the airplane. The airplane is driven by two 70,000 lbf (311 kN) Pratt & Whitney PW4000 engines.

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