The One Thing You’ll Always Find in Whitney Wolfe’s Carry On Bag

Whitney Wolfe, CEO of BumbleWhitney Wolfe, CEO of Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is the founder and CEO of Bumble, a dating app that takes the concept of Tinder and gives it a feminist twist. Wolfe is young, successful and practical, and it’s little wonder that Bumble is already taking the online dating scene by storm. After just two years, Bumble has started the beginning of what could become a dating app revolution.

At just 28, Whitney Wolfe is a fresh face in the landscape of success. She’s on the Forbes list of “30 Under 30” for Consumer Technology, and she’s climbing her way to the top of the “who’s who” in app development. Read on to learn a bit more about her, her app and the one thing she never leaves town without!

What is Bumble?

In 2012, Whitney Wolfe helped to co-found Tinder, which would go on to become a household name in online dating. Tinder’s key hook is its simplicity: Users are presented with available matches in their area and swipe left or right to pass on them or reach out for contact.

Tinder went viral quickly after its initial release, and it’s still a popular app. However, it’s gained just as much notoriety as fame thanks to some problems users face while looking for a match. Ghosting (suddenly ceasing contact without an explanation), catfishing (pretending to be someone different than you represent yourself as) and unsolicited “not safe for work” photographs are a few of the issues Wolfe could see developing with Tinder, and she was frustrated with the company’s reluctance to do anything to fix them. She ended up leaving the company as a result.

After leaving Tinder, Wolfe set her sites on creating a different type of app that would alleviate the problems faced by users, especially women. The goal was to create a dating app that prioritized nice, safe interactions and cracked down hard on rule-infringement. The result was Bumble, a now-two-year-old dating app that’s setting the tech world abuzz.

Bumble works with the same basic mechanics as Tinder but with one important difference: Women are the only ones who get to make the first move.

In the world of dating apps, this is a game-changer. By empowering women to decide which matches they want to get to know a bit better without the pressure of guys making unsolicited contact, Bumble creates a much more comfortable environment. It also encourages men to be on their best behavior: Guys have to put more work into their profile if they want to be contacted.

Like many women, Wolfe has first-hand experience with sexual harassment, and she crafted the app with the needs of people like herself in mind. So far, her experiment is working: Not only is Bumble gaining a reputation as a “feminist” dating app, it also reports the lowest user complaints of any app of its kind on the market.

What Whitney Wolfe Can’t Travel Without

You can learn a lot about someone by looking through their luggage. Thanks to an interview in Travel and Leisure, we’ve gotten a special sneak peek into Whitney Wolfe’s habits, priorities and packing philosophy. In Wolfe’s case, a glance at her carry-on bag would reveal a glimpse at a woman who understands the value of both practicality and style.

Her travel bag of choice is a Louis Vuitton roller bag. This designer travel bag is big enough to carry everything you need for a journey without being unnecessarily bulky or hard to fit in the overhead compartment. Most importantly, Louis Vuitton luggage is well-known for quality and durability. This is a bag that can hold up to serious travel and plenty of adventures, which is exactly what you need when you’re a young and successful CEO of a major tech start-up.

What’s inside the bag? A phone charger is one essential item. No app developer would ever run the risk of a dead phone battery, and fielding important calls and emails is part of a busy CEO’s life no matter where she goes. Another essential item Whitney Wolfe always packs is high-quality sunscreen. She’s a fan of Elta MD sunscreen for every day wear.

She’s also a practical packer. Because a traveler never knows what the future might hold, she makes sure to keep details in mind including the destination, local weather and possible unexpected conditions. You can never go wrong with a versatile light jacket and several pairs of shoes, and Wolfe is a big fan of being prepared for anything.

That forward-thinking attitude is exactly what has set her apart from the pack and allowed her to be a success in the usually male-dominated tech world. Whether she’s packing a bag for a journey or brainstorming solutions for new problem-solving app technology, Whitney Wolfe is sure to put her strengths to work.

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