Oman Will Soon Possess a State-of-The-Art Aviation Simulation Laboratory

Students in the Middle Eastern nation of Oman will soon enjoy access to a modern aerodrome simulation laboratory to enable them to study flight training and airport planning in depth. An Oman-based firm, Sky Seven, has reached a Memorandum of Understanding with an electronics simulation firm based in Singapore to create a new program designed to promote enhanced simulations relating to the aviation industry. The ST Electronics firm will assist Oman in obtaining a realistic modern virtual aerodrome laboratory (“VAL”).

Principles from the two firms reported they had reached an agreement concerning the project. Chan Hua Tek of ST Electronics reportedly met with the Executive Chairman of Sky Seven, Khalil Al Rahbi to discuss the terms of the memorandum between the two companies. It marks a significant milestone in the aviation industry in Oman.

The VAL facility will enable students to learn about aviation by using an immersion technology. They will practice with simulated scenarios using a large screen angled at 120 degrees. Their instructors hope to present them with the opportunity to manage realistic scenarios which sometimes pose hazards for passengers and pilots. For instance, the VAL simulator will permit students to learn about topics such as aircraft crisis simulations, airport emergency situations and air traffic management. Some students will also use the laboratory to study airport architecture and practices involved in flight operations.

The Memorandum of Understanding contemplates students who participate in VAL simulations will enjoy the chance to conduct meaningful role-playing exercises. For instance, a trainee may transition through a number of different roles during various simulated crises. They will obtain realistic job training by practicing as air traffic controllers and members of crews on the ground.

The two companies indicated they will consider joining together on other projects in the near future. Some possible simulation training programs may involve enabling aircraft crews to practice in-flight training. The companies also intend to develop new learning resources. Both Chairman Khalil Al Rahbi and Chan Hua Tek expressed satisfaction with the new agreement.

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