Nigeria acquires 12 helicopters Mi-35M

Nigerian Air Force will acquire 12 attack helicopters Mi-35M. This was announced by the Nigerian Air Force Commander Air Marshal Sadique Abubakar, quoted by local media.

Marshall Abubakar said that delivery of the 12 combat helicopters will happen soon, and the helicopters will be used to fight the Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram.

They were not given any other details on the deal, but it was highlighted that the machines are newly produced.

Earlier this year, the Nigerian press reported that the country has allocated $59 million for the purchase of two Mi-35m from Russia. It is not clear whether the deal was signed and whether there’s funding for the purchase of all 12 attack helicopters.

Mi-35M is the latest development of Mi-24, which has significant changes in the structure, including X-shaped tail rotor, shortened wing, retractable landing gear, modern day-night target-surveillance complex and better weapons.

So far had been produced more than 100 Mi-35M, which are in service in Russia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Venezuela, and Iraq. Kazakhstan and Pakistan have ordered such machines but have not yet received them.

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