A New, Integrated Head-Up Display by Garmin

Many people are familiar with Garmin as a household name for GPS information and traveling directions. The company has been putting out products for the typical automobile consumer for years. They are known for being given as gifts for this, specific reason: they are a well-known name at what they do. Now, Garmin has decided to go larger and make their way into airplanes with their first step into the head-up display market.

Garmin has decided to put out a head-up display that works in airplanes. It works as a part of integrated flight decks for the sake of powering and controlling airplanes and jets. The Garmin Head-Up Display 2100 (GHD 2100) provides pilots a 30-degree view at a wide angle. It also provides important flight information right where the pilot needs it most. Garmin has worked hard to put out this quality product. They want to give pilots a seamless flight experience throughout the entire cockpit.

The GHD 2100 provides primary flight data right alongside flight path and altitude information. The display provides a synthesis of data and vision for the sake of showing path marker information to the flight director as easily as possible. This device uses SurfaceWatch to integrate data into the display. There are many things it helps the pilot to monitor, including cameras at various parts around the plane for taking off and landing.

There are many models of airplanes that will be able to use this display. It is designed to be used with light, midsized, and super-midsized business jets. They are usually combined with the G3000 and G5000 avionics suites. In many cases, it can be used with almost any jet situation.

This flight deck system offers pilots a higher level of situational awareness. This process happens with Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT), which provides a 3D depiction of the terrain being traveled over. At the same time, it provides information on traffic and obstacles in the area. This information is crucial for pilots in times of emergency to make sure that they can perform a safe landing in a tight situation.

Garmin is known for putting out quality products. Their GHD 2100 is not any different. It might be applied to a larger market product, but it will still make for a great travel experience. Pilots and passengers will be pleased with its capabilities. It will be sure to make for a smooth ride.


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